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Introduction to Kentec

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Kyonggi regional Environmental Technology Center was established to satisfy the
nvironmental need of people living in Kyonggi province and present the blueprint of a more pleasant environment for the people by the development and the propagation of specific environmental technology.
The GGEC is an environmental research organization which has the authority given by the Ministry of Environment and is financially supported by Kyonggi-do, Yongin-city ,Myongji University and related environment industries.

The improvement of synergy effect to reduce and solve the environmental problems by the

maximization of research power
The formation of herb network of regionally specified environmental technology development
and the concentrated research to solve the environmental problems specified in Kyonggi
The formation of regional herb network to promote the propagation of new technology
relating environment
The settlement of environmentally relating problems such as NIMBY phenomena by the
investigation, research and development of technology which are required to solve the civil


Local Cooperation Network

GGEC established cooperation system which is participated by industry, university, institute, civilian & government. GGEC will be developed to the direction of supporting company and of releasing local residents pain as enforcing local cooperation system


Research of prevention technology of eutrophication in the kyonggi province such like
  paldang lake, pyoungtak lake, kyoungan waterstream, wangsuk waterstream, anyang
  waterstream, tancheon waterstream, shincheon waterstream
Development of practical environment technology which is suitable to the problem of
  specific area suffered by odor, VOCs, etc.
Research & development of environment policy which is necessary to the administrative
  action for environment, e.g. establishment of regional environmental standards of Kyounggi
province & establishment of environment improvement measures
Agency business of environment home-doctor by the evaluation of environment pollution,
  instruction & propagation of technology for the pollutant releasing plant located in the
  kyounggi province
Environment technology support and discipline of technology manpower for the industrial
Business for promoting the propagation of environment technology & the collection and
  suggestion of environment technology information
Business for environment assessment & new technology evaluation

Development of prevention technology of eutrophication the lake Paldang

Development of nitrogen?phosphorous control technology
Development of small scale sewage treatment technology
Development of nature type purification technology for river
Development of tertiary treatment technology for sewage using membrane
Development of piggery wastewater treatment technology

Development of odor and air pollution control technology

Development of odor control technology for sewage treatment plant & composting plant
Survey of air around incineration plant and development of treatment methods

Development of waste reduction & reutilization technology

Development of re utilization technology of food waste & sludge
Development of sludge reduction a nd treatment technology

The present condition survey of environment pollution around the national capital
  region & establishment of management measures

The present condition survey of pollution Paldang lake & management measures
The present condition survey of pollution by hazardous pollution & management measures

Environment home-doctor management


As environment management system is transferred to environment pollution prevention system from the system which is mainly operated as regulations and punishment, enhancing the competitiveness of company and making the measures of environment preservation through the role share and mutual support within regional company relating environment, environment expert group, regional industry company, administration

Composition of support team

Professors from environment related departments, those currently or previously
employed in environment related institutes environmental specialists.

Internship program

Technology education, discipline & environmental analysis business

Education, discipline & water, air, soil pollution analysis which is needed for the cooperation of university & industry to solve the industrial problem and to improve local environment

technology education seminar, workshop, symposium

university & industry cooperation open class
specific analysis of water, air & soil pollution

Environment technology propagation business

The propagation of high valued environment technology information by both the database of research & technology information relating environment field and presentation of research & development project.

research result presentation

technology seminar by the industry, university & institute co-work
Domestic & international literature information support
internet homepage operation through information network
build up of research technology information database relating regional

Through cooperative ventures and academic exchanges with international environment related organizations, the GGEC will contribute to the introduction of various measures to solve environmental problems by introducing advanced environmental technologies into the domestics market. In addition, the GGEC strives to strengthen the international cooperation system by drawing up environmental technology export strategies for developing countries.

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